Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh Mr. Postman...

Lucy's class just finished a unit on the postal service. They learned all about what happens when you mail a letter. To finish the unit they took a field trip to the post office to mail their valentines! There is a post office right across the street from Lucy's school, so we bundled the kiddos up and walked with them... It was as adorable as you would imagine ;)

Lucy & Taylor. BFFs.
Waiting to mail the Valentines :)
Sweet Lu.
What a beauty! We love Tay-tay!
Time to drop them in the mail slot!
Lu's turn :)
Tay's turn!
Tay and her sweet grandmother!
Kennedy's fingers were chilly! Trying on Mommy's gloves :)
Our little friend Jade! So cute!

All images by Sophia Litchfield