Thursday, January 31, 2013

Every Bit a Three Year Old

My tiny, little, sparkly pixie turned three on Monday. Three. I'll say it again for effect... THREE. That is my baby. My baby is three. She is in preschool and potty trained. She sleeps in a big girl bed and brushes her own teeth. She says big girl things and has big girl sass. Lots and lots of big girl sass. She has a wicked sense of humor and she wears me out. She is underweight and over intelligent. She is sweet and loving. Opinionated and stubborn. Gorgeous and a total mess. She never fails to put a smile on my face. Every.Single.Day. She is perfect.

I love you, Penny Lane. You will always be my baby...
Even when you're not a baby anymore :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Brain/Eye Battle

I don't post for, like, ever and then BAM! I hit ya with a deep one... You're welcome ;)

Disclaimer: This post will probably annoy some of you, upset you and make you think I am vain and ridiculous  And that is fine. I probably am all of those things. But I'm also human and a woman and I feel like this is an issue that many women face, all the time. With that being said... Read on, if you'd like :)

I POSTED a while back about struggling with my weight after my kids. And while I would not trade them for the all the size zero jeans in the world, I still can complain about it ;) I talked in THIS post about coming to terms with my new fuller figure. I know, I know you are all rolling your eyes at me: a size 4 is not a full figure. Its not, I know that. I am getting to a point, bear with me for just a bit longer... Truth be told, I wasn't nearly as accepting of my size 4 body as I lead on in that post. I just was not happy with the way I looked. I can't tell you how many clothing changes I had every morning. How many times I cried when I looked in the mirror or what it felt like to pop my zipper trying to fit in my favorite pre-baby jeans. Just awful.

Almost to my point. I am now a good 18lbs lighter than when I posted THAT. I am at this very moment rockin a size 2 pair of tangerine skinnies... And my pre-baby jeans? I got the zipper fixed, wear them on the reg and they are still my favorites. Whoo-freaking-hoo. I can hear you all saying it... Still not my point...

Here it is. I have obtained pre-baby weight and look about like I did when I got pregnant with Lucy, and YET I STILL HAVE THESE SAME FEELINGS. I look in the mirror and my eyes see something completely different than my brain KNOWS is true. My brain knows I fit in to my old clothes. My brain knows I bought a size 0 pant or a small shirt. But my EYES see a very round, very full, very bloated version of me. 

Now, before you all start lynching me, or trying to commit me to the psych ward, let me say this: I do not have an eating disorder. The only eating disorder I might possibly have is an OVER eating disorder. Trust me on this one and anyone close to me can back this up...

Okay, that still wasn't really my point. Really my point is, WHY?!?!? Why do I, do we, as women allow ourselves to be manipulated - hell manipulate ourselves - into thinking that we have to achieve this ridiculous standard of looking fantastic in a pair of freaking tangerine colored skinny jeans. Lets face it... Like 1% of society really looks good in tangerine skinny jeans. I'm smart, I know this and yet I beat myself up for it. Its completely and utterly mind-boggling. 

I could sit here a type to you that the cycle of self-criticism is ending now, but I don't know that. I might say that and then a year from now be like "Remember when I said... Well, I wasn't actually as comfortable with my size as I let on..." So I won't say anything like that. What I will say is this, I will do my damnedest to make sure my girls don't have these same insecurities. 

They are told they are beautiful countless times a day. They are active and get plenty of exercise  While they don't have perfect diets, they eat really well... They are healthy. And I want them to look at themselves in the mirror and say, "I'm healthy and that makes me beautiful." If my self-criticism creeps in it will be behind closed door out of their view. They will not see that from me. I'll continue to wear my skinny jeans, even though on the inside I may not feel so great in them, because I want them to see confidence. That is what I'll commit to.

Like I said at the very beginning of this post, I don't think I'm alone in this brain/eye battle. And someday I hope my brain wins out and my eyes start seeing what my brain knows is true... And I hope that for all of the women out there who struggle with this. And I hope that our kids don't ever have to struggle with it. 

And now I've worked up an appetite... Ice cream, anyone?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas Card 2012

The Holiday dust has settled and we had a fantastic one! Some seriously magical stuff  happened around here, more on that later... For now, from my family to yours, we hope you had a Merry, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!